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Wakeboard Water Sport – Davao City

After having seen so many Philippine Eagle and Crocodiles at the Crocodile Farm, we headed on to our next destination. Taking the calculated short cut using google maps, we cruised the Philippine -Pan National Highway  and arrived at our destination.

Talk about something extreme.

We entered a subdivision called Deca Homes at Mintal, Davao. I wasn’t really familiar with this water sport and how it operated. I imagined some jetski or water boat to drag the wakeboarders. Observing the place while looking to park the car, I saw cables up high pulling the people. I see that the place was man made, kind of like a big pond. This one is oval with tramps and a center island. I wasn’t really that excited. I watched some guys flawlessly gliding above the water while holding a rope that would proper them forward. Some were exhibitioning.

IMAG0134 - wmrk

IMAG0132 - wmrk

deco homes wake boarding

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