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Finally! SIARGAO happened to me.

Gensan-Digos-Davao-Panabo-Tagum-CompostellaValley-SanFrancisco-Butuan-Surigao-Siargao Island.

4 nigths. 5 days. Long road trip. Worth it. 🙂

We departed from Gensan around 6 in the morning and arrived at Surigao City about 5 in the afternoon. I have to commend our driver was fluent with the road. Kuya popoy is a friendly, funny and experienced driver.


First impression for the city of surigao, it was actually more urban than Iligan. The city were big and streets are congested. The people have surigaonon as their dialect which is quiet difficult to understand at first.

I also noticed that their airport is very small and well cute. You can easily see it. As we arrived at the area, we asked where the port is so that we can inquire the schedules for the ferry to siargao.

To go to Siargao, you have two options. You ride the Roro or the ferry where cargo and cars can be brought or the small fast track boat for people only. The fast track is located along what they call the boulevard, full of very insteresting boats with unique design, more like an airplane if you might ask.

boat boat2

Schedules of departure and arrival:

Roro                        11:45 AM    3:00 PM – Surigao Port to Dapa port of Siargao Island

(fare 200)                 6:00 AM     9:00 AM – Dapa port to Surigao Port

Fast Track            5:00 AM     8:00 AM – Surigao Port to Dapa port of Siargao Island, different route

(fare 250)

Prices and schedule may change. They have discounts for children depending on the age. 7 years old and below are free.

After checking the boulevard cause we opted to ride the first trip on the following day and deciding we will just leave our vehicles on the hotel’s parking lot, we went to the Tavern Hotel to see if there are rooms available. The hotel is very nice but sad to say they were all fully booked. So we opted for their annex which is just in front of the main hotel, you can easily see it. The annex is budget friendly. 🙂

We settles ourselves cozy in our beds as our relatives arrive. One big happy family.

hotel twin bed

hotel master size bed

Morning came and we went to the boulevard. After some time where everything is set, the little ferry started its course.


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