About This Blog

474584_4798280119233_1728105299_oIrene Bernadas, born in the City of General Santos. A tall, thin woman with vast imaginations and dreams.

She hopes to run her own business one day after finishing her Master in Business Management.

She is physically active in sports where she thinks that a good exercise and a good diet keeps you fit 🙂

She loves music and has a nick of playing the guitar and drums and aspires to learn to play the piano in hopes to at least master the piece: river flows in you and Canon D.

She ambitions to be a national athlete representing the country in the game of basketball, women’s division. Other interest in sports are Badminton, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Taekwondo (Martial Arts), Chess, Golf.

Her other hobbies include reading books -paperback, drinking coffee and relaxing, updating her social sites, travel to places, exercising/working out.

This blog is dedicated to share her thoughts on anything she finds amusing, thought provoking, worth sharing and inspiring. Not to mention an outlet of self expression.

She believes in 2 things:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

in which she holds as the sole purpose of not only for her existence but also for the entire human race. 😉

  1. MiddleChildViews

    Aw…. ^_^


  2. thanks for the ideas 🙂


  3. Hi ma’am. Nice blog 😀


  4. HAH! WOW! nice blog ma’am…


  5. Nice .. river flows in you .. 😀


  6. very interesting…… ^_________________^


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