Rekindling Roots: Travel to Bohol


Ah, Bohol! What can I say, home of the Tarsiers and famous for the chocolate hills. I was still in high school when I went there with my father. We took the bus from Gensan to Cagayan De Oro. Then from there you can ride Superferry or Cockaliong shipping line.

For the second time around, I went to Bohol to tour with family and relatives. Our starting point was from Cebu sea port and we boarded the supercat fast track ferry that took us 2 hour to reach tagbilaran sea port. We arrived noontime and rented a van to drive us to Guindulman.

It was past 2 in the afternoon I guess when we arrived at the house. I was recovering from a headache and still struggled with 3 mouth soars but I really enjoyed the view that day. The weather was good, the sky was blue and the water was definitely blue and clear.

From Tagbilaran city to Guindulman, the road trip was smooth and you can see the sea from the right side of the road. It was perfectly clean and clear that It makes you feel at peace. Compared to Oslob waters, the sight and view is better. Ang sarap mag road trip at ikutin ang buong bohol! Seriously.

We finished lunch, arranged our bags, changed our clothes, washed some clothes, and waited for the contacted van to arrive so that we can have a short swim at Anda. Locals there described it the mini boracay version.

Anda White Sand Beach


The beach that we went to was public and free. Anyone can just come and have a swim. You can bring food and drinks. The place is currently being renovated to provide better shower and changing area, and more tables and chairs. Later, the family had dinner at the house.

Our itinerary for day 2 at Bohol was tight. The time schedule was set 8 a.m to 3 p.m

Chocolate Hills

First stop was the Chocolate hills where I had to climb 2oo plus steps to get to the top. Imagine that. Yes, very challenging that you have to catch your breath once in a while. Overall, you have plenty of areas to take pictures. Lucky for us, that morning had a few tourist.



Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP)

After the hills, we went to CHAP. This place is new to me and the park offered a lot of activities. You can see at the two photos I shared below. The place was cool and relaxing. They have a function area and a souvenir area. They sell ice cream, carabao’s milk, and water for refreshments. In the area you can feed the fish, sight see chickens and look at caged snakes.


There was not enough time to do many activities so we choose the hanging bridge, the zorb ball, the tarzan jump and the rush. The hanging bridge was the first obstacle I had to go through before we got to the The Zorb area and my fear of heights was triggered. Little did I know what was in stored for me next. After the Zorb ball, we climb yet again many stairs to get to the top of the hill where the rush area was. And mind you, it had many steps that I just had to pause and breathe some air. haha 🙂


The rush (bike zip) is ride on a bike that is suspended 150 meters high of the ground with 250 meters in width. I was kind of eager to achieve this one but ended up frightened. So in short, I backed out of the ride. 😦


Habitat Bohol Eco-Park

Fast forward to our next stop, we have the butterfly sanctuary. It was just a short tour. After paying the entrance fee, we were assigned to a tour guide, a local boholana. One thing I noticed was that all the tour guides were funny, they tell jokes. They also have a wide vocabulary on adjectives to compliment you as they take your photos which is amusing. I definitely learned some interesting facts about butterflies and moths on that tour. 😉


Tarsier Conservation Area – Loboc 

Next itinerary was to visit the tarsiers. Entrance fee is about 60.00 pesos. I only saw 3 tarsiers that day. They were just hanging or rather clinging by the branch of the tree. So cute. The tarsier conservation area also have souvenir shops and refreshment areas for travellers.



Man-Made forest

After the Tarsier ares, we had a quick visit to the man-made forest. Many visiting people where having their pictures taken that time too.


Loboc River – Floaring Restaurant

Finally, we arrived at our last itinerary. It was almost noon time and we were all hungry. I noticed that there were many tourist at the Loboc river that time. Almost all floating restaurants were full. With an entrance fee of 100 pesos, you can enjoy the river cruise with buffet lunch and acoustic music. A good time to relax and enjoy the fresh air.


The place also have souvenir shops where you can buy variety of tshirts, caps, key chains, and bags for pasalubong.


Upon finishing our lunch, we drove back to Guindulman for almost 2 hours and arrived at the house at past 3 in the afternoon. Right on target. Afterwards, we rested our bodies, we changed clothes and we had a small celebration for my sister’s birthday. 😀

There was definitely a lot going on. I was not in my full strength the whole Bohol trip so I wasn’t able to take quality pictures and get valuable information to share to this post for those who want to visit Bohol. Still I thank God for the awesome travel. Hopefully, the blog entry was helpful enough to give you an idea where to go if you decide to have vacation at Bohol.

Aside from the tourist spots mentioned above, we failed to go to panglao island, danao adventure park, and bee farm. We also just past by the blood compact shrine. But not to worry, all the more reason to go back to the place. Hurray!

Let me get this straight though. Some tips to remember:

  1.  My cousin suggested to take the oceanjet fast track instead of the supercat because it is faster.
  2. There are many tour guides and vans you can rent once you arrive at the tagbilaran port. You can ask them for cheap tour packages and places to stay there.
  3. Always bring a bottled water to keep you hydrated and take some multi-vitamins to keep your energy up. Protect your skin with sunscreen lotion and eyes with uv-protected eye wear.
  4. Plan your itinerary, keep the plan, and stay within budget.
  5. Travel light. Plan the clothes to bring so you don’t have to worry about what to wear.
  6. Enjoy the trip. This includes talking to locals, walking around the town, buying at the local market, and riding motorcycles or bikes.

For more information, you can visit bohol or it’s more fun in the philippines websites.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Share your thoughts and experiences at the comment section, I’d love to read them. Where do you think we should go next?

Tidbit: You might be wondering why the title of this entry is rekindling roots. Well my father is boholano and he has deep ties to this place. Hence, we also have roots to the land.

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