Maxima Resort & Aquafun – Samal Island

And that’s the wonderful thing about family travel:  it provides you with experiences that will remain locked forever in the scar tissue of your mind.  ~Dave Barry

The day has finally arrived. 7:00 in the evening, we were on the ferry to samar island. Dad is already waiting on the side. He just arrived at the port from Butuan from a business. Finally the whole family is complete. The evening enveloped the sea, as the car parked the ferry. I saw piles of big tanks of Maersk on the side as the boat left the dock and move towards the island. It took a few minutes to arrive at the other side, and we relied on our Google Map navigator to route us to Maxima Resort. It was a very long ride, and from the ferry port to the little town, it took a while. I noticed there were little street lights on the side, and no way to light the road except for the head light coming from cars. There seem to be few vehicles traveling too. Maybe because it was already past 8 in the evening.

I want to describe to you how road and the place at night looks like but I just can’t find the words. Arriving at the entrance of the resort, no staff was actually on post. It was pretty dark because of so many trees and because of the hillside behind us although there are flourescent lights scattered. If you can just imagine for a moment the movie ‘the wrong turn’ and its scenery, then you have a bit of an idea. Honestly, I said to myself ‘is this the resort?’ because its far from what I imagined it to be.

Either way, we had to get a place to stay for the night so we hiked down to I-really-don’t-know-where and what to expect. Imagine the steps you would take down the Tinago falls of Iligan City. Now you get the picture. To cut the story short, we found a guard who is on duty and negotiated for some close cottage. We got our bags – yes we hiked up and down the steps twice! – settled ourselves in a need-to-be-upgraded cottage.

The cottage is slightly raised above the ground, about 2 meters, and below you have a net swing. Beside it was a very tall tree with picnic tables and chairs. The cottage is fronting the sea which is a major plus. The comfort rooms are public.

We were able to hit the night at 11:00 in the evening, I guess.

Maxima Resort and Aquafun

A picture of what I had describe. It seems harmless at day, but totally different at night. 🙂

Maxima Resort and Aquafun

A picture of the steps a told you about. Very long hike down hill.

Morning finally came and it seems that I haven’t got any sleep. The back of my neck hurts so much, its like burning from the inside. I got off my bed and step outside to the balcony. Taking a deep breath, I took in the calmness of the place, the stillness of the water, and the silence of the surrounding infused with nature’s beauty. A ray of paradise at sight. Total opposite of what happened last night. the peacefulness was very relaxing.

My family and I headed to the canteen to have some breakfast. They serve breakfast for free as part of the accomodation.

After having out stomachs full, we walked back to our cottage and change our clothes ready for some aqua fun. Maxima Resort boast of its giant water slide. They have two giant slides and we got the chance to try it. On a cloudy day, it seems that we we’re the only people on the place except for the divers, staff, security guards. The other tourist I noticed seem to have taken the canopy walk. Here is a list of their water activities:

Maxima Resort and Aquafun

We headed to the giant water slide and check the vicinity for some precautions. We slipped on the life vest provided. As always, it seems that I will be first bait. Sitting on the edge of the starting point, I started to converse to the staff to ease some nervousness at the same time looking down at the longest slide I would have dropped in my life. I folded my arms in cross position against my chest and paused for a moment trying to get a feel. But to my suprise, the sneeky staff suddenly pushed me and there I went propeling down the slide and splashed into the blue abyss.

Let me describe to you the situation before we decided to slide. We had two staff at the top and we requested to have a diver at the bottom to assist us just for safety purposes. Who knows what will happen, and knowing that I am not comfident enough to swim at sea.

The sudden thrill excited me. It also had me catching my breath and spitting out some sea water that got inside my mouth as I plunged into the water. My body felt a little soar, the cold water seeped in through my bones and I was left shaking as I climbed the molds-covered stairs. Next in line was Kikay then Claire.

Maxima Resort and Aquafun

Here is a short video of what happened:

Maxima Resort and Aquafun

Maxima Resort and Aquafun

After the super drop, we rested for a while. We then inquired for other facilities. I was looking forward to riding the banana boat and the jet ski. But it seems that there were only 3 of us who wanted to ride – me, my sister, and my younger sister. The available banana boat ride needs 5 pax and my parents don’t want to join. The jet ski also seems unreasonable for the mean time so we settled for single kayak and water snorkel.

Maxima Resort and Aquafun

Claire taking a pose. Behind her is the second giant water slide. We haven’t tried this one although this one is longer than the other and higher.

My snorkel experience was also great. I saw jelly fish and small clams. I even saw a school of fish, as expected maybe. I also enjoyed looking at the corals. One scuba diver professional encourage us to look at the giant clam that actually has a pearl in it. But it attached itself to the side of a coral approaching the abyss. And looking down at the depth of the gulf, I was pretty hesitant. It was so blue and certainly deep. I had a creepy feeling about it.

Maxima Resort and Aquafun

We took turns to using the snorkel and kayak. After which, we took a bath and change to decent clothes. We climb up the steps again and rode back to a port, which was actually different than what we rode last night.

I got information that there are actually many docks located at sections of the island. People and tourist who would go the island from davao can choose. For Maxima Resort, if you have your car, you need to ride the barge. If you don’t want to bring your vehicle, you can choose to ride the ferry boat for passengers that go directly to the resort from the port at Davao border.

Well that’s about it. I recommend you to visit the place too. Samal Island has many resorts, you can choose anywhere you want. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to tell us your travel experiences by commenting below. 🙂

Check out what we did before arriving at Maxima Resort and Aquafun here.

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