Wakeboard Water Sport – Davao City

After having seen so many Philippine Eagle and Crocodiles at the Crocodile Farm, we headed on to our next destination. Taking the calculated short cut using google maps, we cruised the Philippine -Pan National Highway  and arrived at our destination.

Talk about something extreme.

We entered a subdivision called Deca Homes at Mintal, Davao. I wasn’t really familiar with this water sport and how it operated. I imagined some jetski or water boat to drag the wakeboarders. Observing the place while looking to park the car, I saw cables up high pulling the people. I see that the place was man made, kind of like a big pond. This one is oval with tramps and a center island. I wasn’t really that excited. I watched some guys flawlessly gliding above the water while holding a rope that would proper them forward. Some were exhibitioning.

IMAG0134 - wmrk

IMAG0132 - wmrk

deco homes wake boarding

IMAG0133 - wmrk

After changing and gearing up, we headed for a short orientation. As beginners we were taught to do the kneel position first to get a bit of a feel for it. We were instructed on how to hold, how to bend properly and how to turn on corners. I look at the big pond and thought how am I suppose to pull this off. I remember riding the banana boat one summer with my friends during the Sarangani Bay Festival and I vividly recall falling face town the water as the boat took the turn. But that’s a different story. 😉

This one was easier said than done.

I was the first to go and believe me, it requires great core muscle strength. I hold on to my cable and found it very difficult to do especially when you went to turn to corners where the cable suddenly pulls you. I tell you on the third corner, I went hard on the water. I went flying off and came crashing to the waters in a split second. I didn’t even realize what happened until I was able to catch my breath after surfacing the water. Mixed emotions.

I look back and saw my older sister behind me releasing the cable she was holding too. We swam to the side until we reach the ground.


Me getting ready to glide the water. My sister watchin and beside us is the operator.


Fixing my board after getting back on the starting dock. I hit hard on the water.


Me and my sister after our turn , laughing at ourselves on the experience

The second try I was on the water, I learned my lesson. On the 3rd corner I released just in time but still I was holding it too much that my muscles ache.

Third try was supposed to be a squat position, but I had to decline. My younger sister couldn’t even get to the first turn but at least she tried that one.

The experts who guided us told us to go for the standing position on the wake board for it was the easiest.

As much as we want to stay and have more time to learn, we need to be at the pier to catch the ferry to Samal Island. So we took of our gears, took a bath, changed to dry clothes, and drove.

The experience was great and I would definitely do it again. 🙂

20141205_163514 - wmrk

This post is 2nd of the 3 part blog that I wrote during our 2 day trip at Davao. Check out our adventures at Maxima Resort – Samal Island or our close encounter with some animals at the Davao Crocodile Farm. Definitely more fun in the Philippines!

Where at Davao do you think I should go next? Share your experiences at the comment section below. Thank you! 🙂

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