#ProjectSexy2014 #FitnessAndWellness2014

I’ve got this thing going on. I read from a newspaper one time that it’s hard to keep up with your new years resolution, let alone wonder what your new years resolution would be. So in order to make it,  the article writer suggest you do a theme for the whole year and align your focus and activities on the theme that you want to achieve.

Some suggestions where noted using a hash tag so you can easily upload your pic on Twitter and Instagram like #Fearless2014 #Organize2014 #FitnessAndWellness, #NoToDrama2014, etc.

I decided to take on this challenge so this year  I have my own mantra with a theme of #ProjectSexy2014 #FitnessAndWellness #Fearless.


For me this means that I have a goal to cut some flab’s off my tummy and thighs because that’s where it really frustrates me in which I can’t find any good pants to fit me without thinking its over sized.

For my #ProjectSexy2014 to be fully realized I had to squeezed in an hour or more of exercise between my some what busy schedule at work, school, and extra curricular activities. I started on February, before I go to work I do some beginners Cardio work out that I looked up on YouTube. There are a lot of exercises to do so I just choose those that I feel would best serve me for now.

1. Squats 20 preps 3 sets

2. Lounges 10 preps 3 sets

3. Heel raise 10 preps 3 sets

4. Side lounges

5. Forward and back kicks

6. Mountain climbers 10 preps 3 rounds.

7. Crunches

8. Leg raise

9. Russian Twist

I mostly mix them up and add some more from the work out videos I see online. Thank God for them. I’m a bit  health conscious except for when there is pizza and pasta around. Hee! 🙂 This of course has been on ever since I was in high school. I remember borrowing some work out videos from Ma’am Babes Ferolina, a fitness instructor who teaches our church aerobics and belly dancing and now is the number one instructor for Zumba in Gensan. Through her videos I got introduced to Yoga, Aerobics, and Pilates. I love Pilates but I find it very challenging! Not to mention my sporty lifestyle. #SelfAwareness 😀


This theme goes hand in hand with the #ProjectSexy2014. It means complimenting my daily routine with not only the right food to eat but totally changing my lifestyle and habits to whats best for my over all being. ahem. 🙂

Food – to eat as much green vegetables and fruits as possible. Its a bit hard to totally change your diet if you are a meat lover. So for the transition I had to seriously cut on the meat that I eat, as if I eat a lot of meat. Usually I eat pork menudo for dinner everyday or BBQ at Gina’s so I had to do something with that. It depends on my mood on what I eat as long as I know what I eat. I got help again online for some diet food weekly planner. Your intake would depend on your height, weight and the level of activities you do for the week. It is important to incorporate all those in the food pyramid.

I drink soya milk, yogurt and yakult. I eat my fave pork or beef twice a week. Pasta, pizza, fruit shakes, fresh juice and lots of water.

No alcohol just sparkling wine. hehe 🙂

Spirit and Soul – I have to take care also of my spiritual time so a 30-45 min quite time I have incorporated on my morning which is always every time I wake up. I usually wake up 6 am. Currently I am reading a daily devotion entitled Enter His Gates. This was bought at your favorite OMF Lit. store. Being one with the Almighty in serenity coupled with meditation helps a lot and empowering when you start your day with it.

Mind – The mind is a battle field. It takes effort to change your mind, to change your perspective and with my theme I got to take the extra mile. So for this battle field I turn to reading books. Books give me insights and broadens my imagination. Books not only the Bible or daily devotions but also those inspirational, motivational, financial, and sometimes fictional. It depends really.

Positive affirmations and believing on what is the truth will help to have a light aura and a positive vibe which all starts in the mind. No negative talks. No gossips. No worries. No fear.

Believe me its a lot harder that you think. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. In the end you will be happy and proud of yourself for doing what you want to do and sticking to the plan as opposed to complaining why you didn’t do it in the first place.


It’s a theme for daring to go out of my comfort zone. Now this is a very HARD thing for me cause I am an introvert (just making an excuse maybe). For me being fearless is to face that audience and crowd whenever I step on the stage. Gosh I really get so freaking afraid and conscious that sometimes I forget every thing even if i prepared for it.  I have nothing else to say about that for now but will update you all on my status on #Fearless soon  as I am trying my best to step it up 😉


How about you, what are your plans for the year? Share your journey on the comment section!


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  1. im getting fat na.. -_- any tips ma’am on how can i manage my time between my studies and doing some work out -_- another thing kasi wala ako mkasama.. unlike in manila na i have my running club and coach so continuous ang training ko. nkakabagot kasi mg isa mg exercise.


    • Create a schedule (month or week) with your class and free time. Decide when you are going to work out, run/jog, play sport during your free time. Invite your friends to play or jog with you. Remember to stick to your plan and just do it.:)


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