The Scar

I’ve been asked a lot about the markings on my right arm. It is quite noticeable so I decided to write about it. Well it is the scar that I got after an accident a long long time ago.

When I was young, in my elementary years, my family and I went to the freedom park. I think it was me, my older sister Claire, and Dad ( he was watching local boxing). Claire and I were fooling around our car, a jeepy. It was fun cause we were playing habul-habolan and hide-and-seek. I was climbing the jeep on the side holding on to the metal and the next thing I knew, I fell on the ground and started to cry. So Dad hurriedly picked me up and drove to the nearest hospital where as I remembered got my hand pricked by a needle connected to a dextrose and the next thing I knew dozed off.

After that, as recovered from surgery, my arm was wrapped in a cast. This went for a long time. I can still recall going to school with it. Those were the years yet I recovered well for after the cast was taken off and after a few weeks of therapy, my arm was back in shape. I mean I can use my right arm for most activities and it’s like nothing happened. I’m so thankful cause I can still play the sports that I love to play.

What’s left of the incident was a big centipede scar on the back of my right arm (the elbow part). As I look back now I realize that I don’t mind my scar. Most days I really don’t even notice it. Sometimes I forget I had the scar. For some people, yeah they notice. They always ask about my scar and I would happily tell them.

“Jeepney accident” I would say and watch their faces in astonishment. Often times it would make me smile and I continue to explain a bit on what really happened so that their puzzled mind would ease. 🙂

Like the man I just meet at the loading center at the canteen awhile ago who was the nth person to ask me that old question. He was a faculty as I recognize him from somewhere.

Some people don’t even notice it until I show it to them. Amusing sometimes. And I never thought of getting rid of it. I kind of like it.

I have another scar. One after a major operation. My ovary was taken out because it was not, well, getting productive 😀 This scar is not as bad compared to my first scar. I think its naturally healing itself too which is fine with me.

There are scars that can be easily spotted, some that can’t, and some that you and I can never see but only felt. But no matter how big or small, whether you see it or not, they leave a mark on you, physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

Some scars go way deeper and sometimes your first scars won’t ever fade away.

What’s your scar? 🙂 But you know what in heaven the only scar that you will ever see is the scar of a Savior who died because He loves you no matter who you are, what you are and what you’ve done. Isn’t that great? do you know anyone who would do that for you?

Side note: My first post for the new year and I right about scars. Yeah. 🙂 

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  1. “scars won’t ever fade away” (Y) whether we see it or not :’)


  2. Earlier this afternoon at the canteen, dba nagtapad man ta ato lyt mam? I kinda noticed your scar either but I didn’t bother to ask you since… hehe, di man kaayo ta close and I thought it’d be too private to ask you about it, but coincidentally, you already have a blog about it so this kinda answered my question to where that scar came from. 🙂

    Nevertheless, I agree to the last part of your blog that although some scars may forever be plastered on your skin but it’s not really the mark that remains but the mem’ries that come along with it.

    Godspeed mam 🙂


  3. Scars are meant to teach us that in this life God mends and heals. God Bless!


  4. Maaaaam, abi bya namo na tungod na sa pagdula nmug basketball. Hehehehe 😀


  5. Here’s a music that might help us forget our scars.
    The title is time’s scar


  6. 😀 .. as in ma’am?.


  7. Ervin Torrevillas



  8. hi ma’am…… I’ve read your story, you’re the woman! stay brave always ma’am…wala pako ka experience being in the hospital or anything else but I’ve appreciated how strong you are. ^_^


  9. 😀 be brave parin maam no matter what happens.


  10. i thought na accident ka sa game ma’am :3 hohohoho wrong guess 😀 anyways ok rna ma’am. 😀 ako pod daghan scar sa bike nga sige ug tumbling XD


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