The 40 Year Plan – Did You Know?



Have You Heard of the “40 Year Plan”?

Go to school. Get a good education. Get a good paying job. Work for the same company for 40 years. Retire with a gold watch and a pension and enjoy your golden years. Sounds great! There’s just one problem:

Having a JOB (Just Over Broke) and trading time for money, referred to as “The 40 Year Plan”, does not work. In fact, It never has worked. At the age of 60, after working 30 years plus for someone else, out of every 100 people,

Only 1 is considered wealthy;
Only 4 are financially independent;
95 are either dead, dead broke, still working, or dependent upon family, friends, charity, or the government for financial assistance.

Will You Be a Part of the 5% Club or Will You Be One of the 95% at Retirement Age?

Here’s What You Can Expect in the 21st Century If You’re an Employee and Work For Someone Else:

No job security in today’s world due to the economy, competition, and globalization (Downsizing-Layoffs-Hiring Freezes) which are the norm.

  • The average person will change jobs 7 times during their working life
  • Pensions have been reduced or are nearly on-existent
  • Benefits such as health insurance are being reduced or eliminated
  • You only get paid for the hours you work (40 or 50 hours a week), but your bills, debts, and interest on loans are accumulating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (168 Hours a week.)
  • If something happens to you and you cannot work, you don’t earn any income
  • The day you stop working is the day you stop getting paid
  • The bottom line: having a job is dangerous to your wealth! you need a “Plan B Today”

What Are Your Choices to Achieve Financial Freedom?

1) Buy a Franchise?

Large financial risk! (1 million Php or more.)
High Overhead (rent, employees salaries, insurance, advertising, inventory)
Lots of headaches.
No time freedom.
Many fail.

2) Open A Store? (Similar Disadvantages to a Franchise)

Large financial risk! ($100,000 U.S.D. or more.)
High Overhead.
Most don’t turn a profit until their 5th year.
Lots of headaches.
No time freedom.
Over 90% fail within their first few years.

3) Get A Second Job?

Spend less time with your family.
You’ll likely end up tired and exhausted which can affect your performance at your primary job.
Minimal increase in income after paying taxes, babysitting, transportation expenses, etc.
There are 168 hours in a week in which your bills, debts, and interest on loans are accumulating. Working 40 hours a week at one job means you are still 128 hours short! Working a second job for another 40 hours a week still leaves you 88 hours short every week.

Trading time for dollars (working a J-O-B) is NOT the answer to achieving financial independence! The secret?

Learn the Rules to Becoming Financially Independent in the 21st Century!

Rule #1: You Need to Have Your Own Business.

“The #1 thing people can do to create wealth is to start a part-time or full-time home-based business.”-Robert Kiyosaki-Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Self-employed people make up less than 20 percent of the workers in America, but self-employed people account for two-thirds of the millionaires in America.

Rule #2: You Need to Be in a Business Where You Can Take Advantage of “Leverage” & “Residual Income”

Leverage & Residual Income are the 2 most powerful wealth building concepts ever created & used by world’s wealthiest people.

“Leverage Income” is the ability to get paid on your efforts and on the efforts of others.

If anything happens to you and you can’t work, you can still continue to earn an income on the efforts of others. In fact, your income can continue to grow, whether you’re working or not, as your “network” of those you earn an income on continues to increase in size!

“I’d rather earn 1% on the efforts of 100 people than 100% on my own efforts!”
-The late billionaire J. Paul Getty, once the world’s wealthiest man.

“Residual Income” is the ability to get paid over and over on a one time effort.

Example: When you sell someone a product they have to repurchase on a monthly or periodic basis, you earn an income each time they re-order the product. You make the “sale” once, but get paid each time they purchase the product.

Rule #3: You Need to Be in the Right Industry

Sales, Marketing, and Distribution is the highest paid profession in the world. The highest earners in the sales, marketing, and distribution profession are in Network Marketing.

Network Marketing is simply a distribution business model where people get paid to refer a product or service to people they know and people they meet! (“Word of Mouth Advertising With a Payday.”)

Network Marketing is the fastest growing form of product distribution in the world. It allows you to take advantage of “Leverage” and “Residual Income,” the 2 most powerful wealth to SUCCESS.

The good news? You can start your own business with Network Marketing without ever leaving your good paying JOB. Work smartly and you will be reaping the seeds you sow sooner than expected. Start now and learn the skills to becoming successful in any ventures you undertake. Network Marketing is the best starting ground coupled with its free trainings. What are you waiting for?

Are you ready for financial and time freedom?


In Alliance in Motion Global, we help you find your way to success, help you build and nurture your skills. Ask me how!

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  1. Ma’am Irene, I bet you are a member of AIM GLOBAL. You know what,I’ve heard a lot of good feed backs about this “organization” or “networking” and as soon as i got 18 years old, i am planning to join this too. 🙂


  2. nkaremember nuon ko sa ingon ni sir eli 4 years ago .. i was a business ad student that time XD ana siya.. ” in this course, after you graduate, you will be the boss! di ba? dont be contented ..iluga ang position sa manager XD” boom panes kau si sir XD


    • Hi Zamea, be the boss/manager of your own company, reach for your dreams and strive hard. The road to success in any of our endeavors is not a pave one. Be contented with what you have while working for what you want and more importantly be grateful for everything 😉


  3. Nice job of stealing the information from a powerpoint presentation I designed. By the way, you left off several of the key 5 rules as well as the 6 parameters formula-that was probably intentional because AIM Global doesn’t pass the 5 rules test or the 6 parameters test!

    They’ve got no clinical studies-no major product awards-no famous doctors recommending their product-they don’t even manufacture their own product! In addition, they’re not on the only credible list that counts-the Direct Selling News list of the top 100 MLM companies in the world, which is based on yearly sales, not opinion polls whose voters are generally uninformed and not very knowledgeable about the industry, let alone pay plans.

    By the way, you must be fairly new to network marketing! No knowledgeable or experienced network marketer would work a 50/50 binary plan like AIM Global’s that promotes the purchase of multiple positions and that has a small daily cap of $528 a day in cycle bonuses on a position. That type of binary plan went out of fashion back in the late 90’s, when it was replaced with a newer, easier, and more lucrative one position, 1/3-2/3 binary plan with matching bonuses and a large weekly cap of $25,000 or more.

    I should know-I helped to pioneer the binary pay plan concept to the MLM industry back in the early 90’s! AIM Global is using the same pay plan we were using over 22 years ago now-it’s old, outdated, and archaic compared to the 1/3-2/3 binary plan with matching bonuses and a large weekly cap of $25,000 or more…


    • By the way, VEMMA has a far superior product and a far superior binary pay plan compared to AIM Global! VEMMA has clinical studies, has won major product awards, the world’s most famous doctor recommends VEMMA, and VEMMA has its own manufacturing plant. As noted previously, AIM Global has none of the above!

      In addition, VEMMA is on the Direct Selling News list of top 100 MLM companies-AIM Global isn’t, and VEMMA has anywhere from 4-6 people on the industry’s top 200 biggest earners list in any given month, with top checks of up to $400,000 a month having been earned-AIM Global’s biggest check is around $130,000 and they’ve had just 1 person on the industry’s top 200 biggest earners list.

      By the way, you make at least 3 times more money in VEMMA than you do in AIM Global. On 2400 points in AIM Global, you make around $30 in cycle bonuses…on the same 2400 points in VEMMA you make $90…so you make 3 times more in VEMMA in cycle bonuses than you do in AIM Global.

      in addition, AIM Global caps you at $528 a day/$3,696 for the week in cycle bonuses on a position-that’s the most you can make in a day and week, whereas in VEMMA the cap is $25,000 up to $55,000 a week in cycle bonuses on a position. The last time I checked $25,000 was around 7 more money than $3,696.

      So, if you want to market an inferior product and make 3 times less, stick with AIM Global…If you want to promote 4 award winning, #1 rated products and make 3 times more money, then VEMMA would be a far smarter choice for you to make! You can visit or you can message me on


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