Roti – The Indian Meal

English: Chapati and Chapati Roll

 I kind of have a thing for flat bread and this post would definitely talk about a famous snack or meal called the Roti. I notice a new store came up across the university, along the overpass one day and had to try this food that everyone has been talking about. I am not familiar about Roti but after my fist piece with the Beef filling I know I had to come back for more. As far as I know, they have a mobile stall on the street at the city along BPI, BDO, and Saint Michael’s College.

The way I can describe it is it’s like a flat bread with a filling of either beef, tuna or chicken. It is cooked on a flat iron griddle side to side until burned spots from the surface tells you its done. From my readings over the net, I learned that Roti  is an Indian Bread, made from stone ground whole meal flour, traditionally known as atta flour ( I found out that there are many variations, not only with the fillings but originally they just have a side dish of curry or gravy and scoop the sauce and food with the Roti. The best way to eat it is with your hands of course!

You could also try at home. Recipes of how to make the Roti are on the web and you can  try with your own choice of filling. I think its cool to have one around so that I can easily buy whenever I am a hurry going to school. And a lot of people as I observed are buying from the stall. Its a perfect light meal for students. I guess this one’s going to be on my fave food list together with the Tortillas, Tacos and Shawarma. I love them! ^_^

Why don’t you have some? Try their Chicken flavor filling, I think it’s delicious. 😉

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  1. Chicken Roti is my favorite! especially with hot sauce 😀 . . maybe I’ll try beef Roti next time


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