Mga Bagong Kabataan

Last summer, our Church organized a summer program in order for the youths and the young adults to interact and bond.

They came up with  Summer Tribal Challenge. This is done every saturday with the purpose of inviting teens outside.

One particular activity was the sabayang pagbigkas. What I will feature in this post is the winning peace of the contest. An original poem by Shawna Mae entitled “Mga Bagong Kabataan”. The group had the chance to perform on stage during the recital of the Musikahan 2013: A crash course on drums, keyboard, guitar, bass, voice, and painting organized by the Bread of Life Ministries Gensan every summer.

 Mga Bagong Kabataan

Sino ba ako?

Sino ba tayo?

Kabataan ba kamo?

Nakadapa’t nakahandusay

Hindi gumagalaw at bumabangon

Walang ginagawa, walang pakialam

Walang balak na tumayo at sumulong

Walang mata

Walang tenga

Walang tinig na lumalabas sa bibig

Walang paninindigan


Basura sa BANSA!

Tinatapon, inaapaka, inaapi

Iyan ang basura

At ang kabataa’y busabos, nakayuko

Ang kabataa’y lumulubog, nang lumulubog

nang lumulubog

Natutulog? Natutulog?

Gisingin mo ang natutulog mong kaluluwa!

Pwede pang bumangon

Pwede pang lumaban

Pwede pang magbago

Katulad ng ating mga ninuno

Silang naniniwala sa ating kakayahan

Silang nagsabi na TAYO ang PAG-ASA


Wag nating wasakin ang kanilang paniniwala

Wang nating hayaang mapunta lang tayo sa wala

Wag nating sayangin ang mga buhay na inalay para sa ating bansa

At ang sinasabing basura?

Baguhin natin ang maling pananaw

Lahat tayo ay may iisang sigaw!

Nagbabaga, nag-aapoy, nag-liliyab

Iyan dapat tayo!

Puno ng pangarap

Nakatuon sa tagumpay

Iyang ang kabataan dito!

At sa ngayon, ikaw at ako

Sabay-saby tayo

Hinding-hindi titigil

Hinding-hindi susuko

Hanggang sa malaman ko kung sino ako

Hanggang sa magiging kagamit-gamit ako

Hanggang sa maiangat ko ang bayan ko

Alam mo na kung sino ka?

Alam mo na kung sino tayo?

Ako, sita at ikaw

Sabay nating isigaw kung sino tayo

Mga Bagong Kabataang Pilipino!


Very inspiring and powerful words from a teenage girl. Indeed, the youth need to awaken themselves and step up. Make use the the vigor and strength that being a youth has to offer and use this to make a difference and to always strive for excellence. This reminds me of a Bible passage found in 1 Timothy 4:12, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

Also, this reminds me of Jose Rizal’s famous quote: “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”. But what is happening now to society? What is happening now to the youth that we call the hope of our land. Have they forgotten? Have they lost their vision?

An except from Mr. Roque Hofelina Jr.’s article in the Negros Daily Bulletin:

As a first statement, we quote Rizal as follows: “It is a useless life that is not consecrated to a great ideal. It is like a stone wasted on the field without becoming part of any edifice.” Did Rizal mean here that every Filipino must aspire for greatness? The simple answer from Rizal is that every citizen should live their lives, even the lowliest Filipino, regardless of socio-economic status, dedicating their ordinary lives based on the human ideals of love of family and country, integrity and industry. Thus ordinary lives can be truly extraordinary. One of the most popular quotations of Rizal is his call to paraphrase the younger generation that the youth is the hope of our country and future. In the time of Rizal, this call was significant to the youth of our nation and it is still significant today and tomorrow as a vital guide for our people.


Thanks for reading, you can share your thoughts in the comment section. Stay tuned for more post. You can follow me on twitter @aibernadas and visit my tumblr page.


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  1. ang galing sobra….dahil ang kabataan ay ang pag asa ng bayan…


  2. hello po! can I use this piece for our sabayang pagbigkas? may I know the complete name of the autho f this poem… thank you.


    • Unknown Person, Don't Bother

      We’re also using this XD. Actually, it’s our competiton for the Buwan ng Wika. It’s tomorrow and we’re going to perform it!


  3. Adrian Dimaunahan

    hi there, would’ve been better if you corrected the typos 🙂
    Tinatapon, inaapaka, inaapi -> not sure if inaapaka is a word, but inaapakan is (meaning stumped upon)
    Iyang ang kabataan dito! -> Iyan would be more logical to use. correct me if i’m wrong here
    Sabay-saby tayo -> am sure this should be Sabay-sabay tayo
    Ako, sita at ikaw -> sita means confront. more logical word would be sila (them)

    i was inclined to research on this piece, as this would be used in a program (sabayang pagbigkas) by my son in their school. was actually typing the scanned pages so it would be easily printable, but i’ve noticed those above which are not quite right

    Liked by 1 person

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