A Tribute To My Jerseys

I find myself looking for my basketball jerseys when I got home from the mall today. I remember some of my friends in the team asking me to give it to them. The most interesting part comes when I realize the coincidence of my jersey numbers. All of you might know Kobe Bryant, the famous Basketball Player who is my role model in basketball. His jersey number was 8, right? And just recently he just changed his number to 24. So now look at the astonishment on my face when I saw my jersey’s number:


Yes, it’s all 24. Well not really all. 2 upper jerseys are missing and 1 was already given. So I’m just going to travel back in time and let you in on the history of my jerseys throughout my span in college life at MSU-IIT. If my memory serves me right:

On the upper right with color orange and black was my jersey at the time I joined a camp and play league on my high school year at Hope Christian School. There were only 2 of us girls who joined.

University Level

2007: 1st year student athlete. Jersey number was 3. Jersey color was green. Jersey Type: fishing net (hahaha. Sorry Coach)

2008: 2nd year student athlete. Jersey number was 4. Jersey color was yellow. Jersey type: fishing net

2009: 3rd year student athlete. We have 2 jerseys. 1 was provided by the school, in red and white color. My number was 24. You can see it in the picture above. Lower right corner. The other was a neat jersey, Black Hawks, a combination of black-white-red, again my number was 24. See photo.

2010: 4th year student athlete. The jersey is not in the picture. The color is yellow and blue (Sphinx) and my jersey number then was 10.

College Level (well not really college since its called a school)

In the upper left of the photo, that jersey was when I’m on my senior year at the School of Computer Studies, IIT. The jersey below that was our jersey in the junior year in the college competing for the Palakasan. My sophomore basketball jersey, with # 21, was given to a teammate.

I also would like to share my volleyball jerseys.


On the left was my junior jersey while on the right was my senior year jersey.

I also had a badminton jersey for our college which unfortunately wasn’t returned to me when it got switched by the laundry shop to some other person’s laundry. I still want to get that back. 😀

My latest jersey was given to me by my team during the Palakasan 2012 when I got back to IIT.

So yeah that’s my stuff. I’ll update you all soon.

Happy Christmas and A Blessed New Year! 😀

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  1. Varsity player ka sa basketball maam? 😀


  2. Wow Ma’am! so many jerseys, i have only one 😀


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