Sort of freaky night

I just have to write about this! ๐Ÿ˜€

So last night, around midnight to be exact, while I was sleeping soundly in my bed, my good board mate from the other room suddenly shouted! ( I swear her shriek was so loud, it could have reached the gates of IIT ). She then calls my other board mates ( Coco and Charry ) then Charry gets out to the hall. I was just lying in bed trying to hear the conversation. It goes something like this:

Diana: Cha! NAA’Y BATA! (Voice a bit frightened)

Charry: Ha? Aha man?

Diana: Sa may door dapit, ga-lili, ga-ngisi!

Charry: Ha bata jud? Aha man dapit nimu nakita?

Diana: Sa may door dira sa hagdan. Mag-CR man unta ko. Basta Cha bata nagalantaw, kana bitawng murag yagit na bata den

She gets into her room, opens her window to check if there is any child in the area around the block running or some sort.

Diana: Naa si Ate Coco?

Charry: Wala siya.

Dianna: Si Ate Ai?

Charry: Naa si Ate.

They call me out. So I was forced to get up from bed and go out to the hall. The conversation went on about what Diana saw. I look across the hall to the door where the stairs that led down the building was located. So it was open, and the light are open too. Diana, I noticed, was holding a long pipe/tube, the ones you used for water. So there I stand tall, acting brave, thinking what the hell did she saw. The lights were on on the stairs so whatever she saw, it could easily be seen. There were only three of us that night out of 4 boarders in the 3rd floor. The night was cold.

Charry was holding her hand high saying Jesus Lord trying to rebuke whatever it was, cause we all know it was certainly not an ordinary child that Diana saw. We could deduce that it was a magnanakaw or akyat-bahay na bata but the scenario doesn’t fit. It was way past midnight. I was sure the gates downstairs was locked. How the hell did a child get all the way up the third floor?

So anyway, I just tried to shove it off and closed the door. I was lost for words to say to them, comforting words to ease the tension. We all went back to our rooms. I for one was bewildered. In all my years of staying here in this same boarding house, Diana was the first witness to whatever she saw. Good thing I don’t have the ‘gift’ to see things like that.

Now in bed, trying to fall back to sleep, I still have the lights on. It was almost 1 in the morning when I think I finally fell asleep. The thought of a child smiling creep me a bit. All those horror movies I saw flashed before my eyes. Good thing I have my faith. I was reciting in my head the verse from Psalm 23:1-6 like it was my only lullaby.

Waking up this morning to the bright rays of the sun I thought, what just happened? Good thing its daylight already. Diana and I met at the hall. We just laugh as we saw each other. As from her words, “Wala nako kabalo unsa akong nakita gabie.

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