A warmth embrace

It’s amazing how wonderful life is.

I am sitting here in my room. Browsing through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, listening to songs, just getting by the semester break. A thought came up to me and made me smile. I look through the window pane and see the wind blow against the tree that is outside the house. The sun rays gleaming on the day. The smile is still on my face.

The birds tweet and fly by. The sound of the silence is so loud. I hear vehicles passing on the streets. Feeling the heat from the rooftop.

I look through the window at awe and that curve in my face still remained. Of life and of love, just by the stillness of the moment, I can feel a warmth embrace of peace, hope and love. And I say thank you.

I try to say the words that I want to say in my head and in how I feel in this writing but its just those moments that you just can’t describe it. Its like when you watch the sunrise or sunrise, or walk around the streets at night looking at the moon and stars, or just being in an unfamiliar place that breaks you and at the same time makes you whole.

It’s like a wonderful dream that you don’t want to wake up, or that Sunday afternoon when it rains and you sit at your bean bag couch and drink a nice hot coffee while reading a book or chatting with a friend. Or that moment when you just fall down to your knees in reverence. That kind of moment.

Because no one can really understand our deepest thoughts except us. I feel like a thousand emotions are surrounding me today. And life goes on.  And remembering those you love bring warmth and joy to your heart. In the end of the day all you can do is pray for them.

These moments like this is what I am thankful for. I’m just a simple girl with a contagious smile on my face. A smile of peace, hope and love. And even if the post doesn’t make sense to you, you may find wrong grammar or what in it, just pardon me. I write what I think. I write to express not to impress.


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