Jordan says Kobe is the only one to deserve comparison

While checking out yahoo news, I came across a very interesting sports news article. It’s an article about Kobe being the only one closest to be compared to Michael Jordan. I say? it’s about time. haha.  I never really am an MJ fan. I am a Kobe fan. My time was with Kobe, not with MJ so I never really had the opportunity to watch MJ was he was still at Bulls doing all his great stuffs. That was not my era. I is to Kobe as my dad is to MJ. 🙂

Check out this posts:

None of the links above where the ones featured in the yahoo news I was telling you about in my first lines. But all articles say the same thing. As it has always been, from the moment I saw Kobe play with the original laker five starting line up – Shaq, Fisher, Horry, Fox, – a few years back in my elementary years, I know there is something different, special about him. He is one of the greatest players I  have witness in this era and until now, he still is.

The similarity between Michael and Kobe can’t be denied. They are both champion material. Both have already made it to the top. Sometimes I think, when I watch Kobe play, almost to the point of dribbling, shooting, dunking, cross over-side-step-fade-away-jump-shot, every move , both are so similar. Kobe is, for me, what makes basketball so beautiful.  The way he executes, the way he plays speaks to me what b-a-s-k-e-t-b-a-l-l is. I just love the game. 😀

Kobe’s ultimate competition is MJ. That’s why MJ watches him. MJ made people think what he was doing wasn’t human. Ditto the Kobester.

I never said Kobe was better than MJ. MJ just told me Kobe’s the only one to have done the work, to deserve comparison.

-tweeted by Roland Lazenby

I know a lot of people are Kobe haters. I also know that comparing both of them would get us a lot of arguments. And that some people prefer other players to be the ‘next MJ’. But the thing is, there is nothing to compare. Both are great. Both showed who they are and that’s enough to get us going. Both are so similar yet so different. What Jordan said was compliment cause he knows Bryant.

Don’t get me started on talking about Lebron James (who?). The person/name doesn’t deserve to be in the same article as with the legendary MJ and KB. Heck, in the same sentence for that matter. haha! He is way out of league with his mojo every game. Geez, give me a break.

Anyway, I hope Kobe and his team get it this year. It’s going to be tough. So sad he had a divorce though, tsk. 😦

Peace out! 😉

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    • hi basketball fan. Thanks. I heard bout jeremy lin in new york knicks. I actually read the heads news yesterday and when on to wikipedia for more info. I’ll be checking link in a while. thanks. bdw, check my other blog.



  1. you have another blog? can you give me a link?


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