Panini – small bread roll


Congratulate me guys, first post of the new year. wooOOoohh! lol! 😀

What else could I start with than to talk about food food FOOD. And I wanna share to you another fave – The Pannini.

The first encounter I had with this sweet snack was at the cbaa at msu-iit. As part of their curriculum, marketing students would sell all sorts of stuff, but mostly food as it is a consumer’s necessity. So it was here that I was introduce to that non-so-common food – Panini.

Later I discovered that it was just a sandwich with your choice of filling, a nifty snack that can be whipped in minutes. So much for a soxal name, although its catchy.

But it’s not just your ordinary slice bread with tuna,pork,beef filling. Here’s some tidbit for the savory snack:

Panini are small, filled, bread rolls, which are sometimes toasted. They are Italian in origin.In Italy, panino is the word for a sandwich made with a bread roll. Sandwiches there are customarily made from a roll or loaf of bread, typically a ciabatta or a rosetta. The loaf is cut horizontally and filled with salami, ham, cheese, mortadella, or other food, and sometimes served warm after having been pressed by a warming grill.                                                                                                                     -wikipedia-

Thank you wikepedia, you never let us down. lol. It sounds so mouth watering, makes me want to eat one at this very moment. Yum!

The last time I ate such delicious treat was at coffee works, Iligan City when I was visiting there. I tell you their panini is the boom! (say it like thee boom! :D) worth the cost if you ask me, and I tell you I’m such a thrifty person. If ever you pass by the town, drop by at coffee works cafe along tibanga road, Iligan City. 🙂

fagioli coffee club

Here in gensan, we also have a café that serves this baby. It’s at Fagioli Coffee club. Now this one I’m still up for grabs and I can’t wait to taste and critique on their panini. I’ll tell you all about that on my next post If I ever get the chance to. Haha! Or you could just tell me on the comments section after your own experience sooner.

Fagioli Coffee Club is located at Petron Service Station along Jose Catolico Avenue, General Santos City.

 So friends, enjoy life.  Live. Laugh. Love. EAT.    😀

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  1. Try the Panini of Coffee Club 101. Masarap din. 🙂


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