Google+ vs Facebook.

I am a first generation Google+ user. :D

I am a first generation Google+ user.

Hello guys. It’s been awhile since I wrote something in my blog. Here’s something new that you probable would surely love.

I just want to share to you Google+. It’s Google’s own social networking site. It is really a catch. I can almost say that it is like Facebook only with few terminology changes. I think you better read what has to say about the site:

Google+ brings together all of your friends in one place, and lets you simply and easily designate and organize all of your contacts into different groups. Additionally, Google+ will incorporate some cool chat and mobile features that can come in handy when uploading photos and organizing get-togethers. There are much more details to uncover about Google+, but take a gander at the first five features that will come with the social service below.

  • Circles — This is basically your friends hub. Instead of grouping everyone together as your “friend,” you can create different circles for the different types of people in your life. For example, you can have groups for friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, and your once-a-week softball team. It’s super easy to make a new group and add contacts to it — just drag and drop.
  • Hangouts — The old-school chat room gets an update. Send a broadcast to your friends that you’re online and ready to chat face to face, and your pals can drop by your “hangout” to video chat with you.
  • Sparks — Designate your interests in Sparks, and Google+ will collect articles, videos, and photos of the things you love from around the web to read when you’re free (like an RSS reader). You can even share these items with specific circles of friends instead of all of your friends.

See more, including some demo videos after the break.

  • Instant Upload — With Instant Upload, your mobile photos and videos are automatically uploaded to the web.
  • Huddle — A group messaging system, Huddle allows you to chat with a number of friends on the go via your mobile phone.

How did I got it? It’s just simple. I had already a Gmail account and they just ask you to join Google+. I said okay and just like that, I have all my information out again, as if privacy wasn’t a matter to me, let alone having Facebook. I wonder if this has something to do with Mark Zuckerberg allying with Google. But either way, I guess I have another reason to spend my time in the internet. You can check the welcome page here:

Much like Facebook’s home page or profile page, in Google+, you can share what’s new in the stream section. You can tag your friends using the + sign when you want to mention them in your comments. When you want to share in the stream section, you can specify what circle of people can view/receive it (like friends, family, etc). You can also chat and video chat. You can share and post pictures, videos, etc under the sun. haha! I don’t know what Google’s up to with this but Google+ can surely level up and compete with Facebook.

Below I have taken a screen shot at my Google+ page just for viewing purposes. (Note: All rights reserved as to what ever may happen. I don’t even know if what I said made any sense. haha)

I’m not sure If you can have Google+ without a Gmail account, I have never explored it yet. Just update me for the latest. 😉

So why not check it out for yourself and don’t forget to add me to your circle of friends. 😀 Don’t ignore it, it maybe the next big thing. hahaha!


Why not check this slide show: What G is really about!

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Check out this simple shortcuts and tips in using Google+.











side note: isn’t it like weird having the + sign? I’m not sure but I think + sign is used to acknowledge a person in writing when he is already dead, like for example, Jose Rizal (+) or Jose Rizal+. Have you ever heard of that notion? And seeing it on my profile, +ai, it kind of gives me an eerie feeling. 😦

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  1. which will win………………….


  2. which will win…………


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