It’s Not Wrong to be Happy Lebron James Lost (repost)

I still can’t get over the fact the Lebron lost. It’s not that I feel sorry for the man, I don’t. In fact he deserves it. I can’t stop myself from reading articles about how Lebron James was a ‘choke’ in the NBA finals mostly from, I guess, Lebron haters because I truly enjoy all the criticism for him (omg, I feel like a bad person. hahaha). I really don’t like the guy. He came into the NBA so full of himself, it serves him right to not get this year’s title. He even made God an excuse for how he didn’t win. Seriously Lebron, you’re full of excuse and with this one I hope you would never get a ring EVER. But of course the rest of the Heat team was okay. But I’m not saying I like the Miami Heat. I am a Laker fan and a Kobe fan and will always be.

I decided to reblog a wonderful article I found about it’s not wrong to be HAPPY Lebron James Lost. ;D

Lebron James is still not an NBA champion. And that my friends is quite possibly a very good thing. As he is right now, Lebron James is denying us the chance to watch the most talented athlete on the planet shine, and do what he does best. Michael Jordan was humbled in high school, cut from his team, and forced to work hard to overcome the adversity and ascend to the peak of his passion. Kobe Bryant started all of about eight games in his first t … Read More

via Atlanta’s Tormented Locals

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