Week 1: #4 Disney by Tanya Markova (Lyrics)

Hello Guys! I’m up for my 4th pick and the spot goes to none other the song Disney by Tanya Markova. And what’s amazing is that it’s an OPM song!!! hahaha. Yep, that’s right. I love OPM songs, suuuuuuuper love it.

So any way, this is the first time that I heard of this pecular song not to mention the mind boggling name of the group. When I first heard it listening to killer bee, I thought “this song is so cute.” So I search for the title of the song and there you go, we have Disney. Later I noticed the name of the group Tanya Markova, so was like babae ata yong name ng grupo only to find out it’s an all male band, bakit kaya ganun?

Here’s from manila bulletin:

Tanya Markova is that cross-dressing, make-up wearing, all-male band whose name is an anagram of the Ilocano words “natay” (dead) and “karovam” or “karubam” (neighbor).

So Tanya Markova stands for dead neighbor!

And how about the names of the group members:

  • Harlon Agsoay a.k.a. “Norma Love” – vocalist, tambourine
  • Angelo del Pilar a.k.a. “Iwa Motors” – vocalist, bell ringer
  • Philipp Jertie Alejandro a.k.a. “Mowmow” – back-up singer, entertainer
  • Jasper Borbajo a.k.a. “Heart Abunda” – keyboardist
  • Edson Broce a.k.a. “Rufa Mae Milby” – drummer
  • Rhan Sabas a.k.a. “Rez Curtis” – guitarist
  • Kix Chavez a.k.a. “Skrovak Iskapanjo” – bassist
  • EJ Guevarra a.k.a. “Jennylyn Sucaldito” – guitarist

very interesting indeed. haha. And so the lyrics are here below, I got it from lyricsty.


Ang pangarap ko nung bata’y sana’y matupad.
Sa lugar na mahiwaga, dun ay mapdpad.

Stanza 1
Gusto ko na sumakay magic carpet ride
Kasama ko si aladin
Gusto ko na mag-lakbay ng side by side
With ariel sa under the sea

Shining shimmering
Ako na ang bahala
Ikaw na ang kawawa

Gusto kong mag-punta sa Disney
Magwi-wish ako kay Genie
Para maka-jam si mickey
Sa Disney… Disney… Disney… Sa Disneyland

Stanza 2
Gusto ko na ilaglag
Sa ere na
Patiwarik si Peter Pan
Gusto ko na mag-hukay
Ng libingan

Kay Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Refrain 2
Palasyo ni Prince Charming
Gusto mo bang sumama
Handa na ang gasera

Chorus 2
Gusto kong mag-punta sa Disney
Magwi-wish ako kay Genie
Para maka-jam si mickey
Sa Disneyland… sa Disneyland

Gusto kong pumunta sa Disney
Mag-wee-wee ako sa fairy
At doon ako mag-yo-yosi
Sa Disney… Disney… Disney… Disneyland

Si daisy Si goofy
Si wendy Si winnie

Si simba Anita
Cinderella’t Anastasia

Si dumbo Si pluto
Si lilo’t Pinocchio

Si tarzan Si donald
Pocahontas At si Jonas


hmmmm.. makes me think of going to disney. hahaha. Don’t miss my 5th pick, keep tuning in! Enjoy the music friends!

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