I think I’m Vegan.

It’s Independence day yesterday, June 12. It’s Sunday, the service was great at church and so we opted to eat together for lunch before we go home. I was wondering where my family and I would eat lunch as we crossed the highway near our church. I ended up in a not so familiar carenderia that is, guess what, a vegetarian eatery. You know what I mean. haha. But I never noticed at first, so I was like, “hala duha lang ang sud’an. Ok at least my adobo.” It never occurred to me na hala tofu man day tong adobo so I was like, lami kaha na? Cause last time I ate in “vegetarian” styleย  it was when I was at Iligan.ย  There was a vegetarian eatery there, along bonifacio avenue, beside amar apartment. I decided to try it for the sake and I thought, “basin barato lang kay gulay raman ug tofu ug brown rice.” Never though mahal diay pud ang ing.ana na type, may pag nagmanok ko kay sure enough wa jud nako nahurot akong gikaon. kasayang.

So here at EPL Vegetarian Foods, in front of NDDU, corner national highway, kanang atbang sa Queenies Love Village, I thought “oh no. how can I eat this?” but my younger singer told me na masarap daw ang adobo nila. Wow may pa sya sarapan. But I never lost hope. So when we ate na, LAMI kaayo ang adobo oi!. Its like the same as adobong manok but tofu lang siya. So I was so amazed and surprised that a tofu could taste this good. And believe me, I hate tofu. Plus, naa pa jud carrot juice. OMG. I am so loving the thought of it. Murag kulang ra jud tong akong brown rice. hahaha. I got used to drinking fresh carrot juice cause my mom would make some from time to time at our home. Actually lately naman pud ko ka try aning carrot juice, pag.uli nako sa balay this summer lang. A first I didn’t like the thought of it but eventually naganahan na kaayo ko and now I’d prefer carrot juice than the commercial Iced Tea.

For those who want to know the recipe of my mom’s carrot juice, it’s so simple:ย  carrots and pipino’s that you can buy at your local market, yakult, brown sugar, water, ice. You extract the juice of the carrots and pipino’s using a juicer. Mix it with water, 1 or 2 bottles of yakult depending on your taste, and put some ice so that it’s so refreshing to drink. There you go. Delicious and healthy drink. ๐Ÿ˜€

For the carrot juice that we bought sa eatery, simple recipe lang din, carrot extract and kalamansi. Or you can use other alternatives like honey.

I was so overwhelmed sa akong gkaon that I thought, my gulay mag vegan nlng ko ani. mamayat pa ko, healthy pa. hahaha. But right now, sa house we’re trying to promote healthy living man din due to the fact na crisis din, unstable income so pa gulay2x rami, isda always, red rice or brown rice, carrot juice. Mao nay secreto nganung namayat npud ko. weeeee. hahaha.

I guess I have been also influenced by all those Illuminati stuffs and how they dumb the society not only thru movies and musics but also to the food we eat and the medicines we take. That’s why we have all those chichiria na wala man puy pulos kaonon. May nalang d ko hilig ug chichiria. If you don’t know what I mean, check out some interesting articles here at vigilant citizen. In the article I saw some facts about cilantro, turmeric, garlic and omega 3. How they can help cleanse our body withย  metal elements. I guess now I’m just trying to be careful of what I’m taking in to my body. As the saying goes Health is Wealth.

It’s not easy switching to being vegan. Kay kung sanay kag baka, baboy, fast food, lisud jud sa imung panglasa. But if you got a great cook or if you just know how to mix and match stuffs that make your food tasty then I guess you can survive.

I’m not sure If I’m going to be a full vegan this instant but I love the fact that I am comfortable about it. I’m excited just thinking of it. ๐Ÿ˜€

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