What makes a smartphone a genius phone?

What makes a smartphone a genius phone?

Simply if it makes you say that “Man, Life’s Good!” :p

I have been looking at a lot of smart phones and android phones in the internet lately searching for some awesome new technology out. There are a lot of possible choices raging from Apple’s new iPhone 4 to HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, and Samsung. Right now my eyes are fixed with the newly out LG Optimus Black and 2x. I heard that it’s not just your ordinary smartphone, it’s a GENIUS phone! So I was like woooaah, genius? How?

I took a look at it’s specs and wow I sure hope I can have one of this babies. Let me show you some features that I really love about the new Optimus Black and 2x.

Amazingly Thin
For me thin is sexy and with the LG Optimus Black 122x64x9.2 mm dimension and only weights 109g, it is super thin and super light I wouldn’t mind carrying it around all day.

Spectacular Image Display
The phone is a 4-.0 inch display (480 by 800 pixels) that uses NOVA technology designed to be the brightest but at the same time reduces power consumption by half during general indoor use compared to a conventional LCD. It has a Gorilla Glass display which is an unscratchable, unshatterable material used to protect the screen. It has by far touch screen controls and multi-touch input method as well as a sensor for UI auto-rotate and auto turns off.

Top of the Line Hardware
Its OS is Android v2.2 (Froyo) and is upgradable v.23 (Gingerbread). Optimus 2x has a dual core A9 processor probably the first of it’s kind so it’s quite fast for a fairly priced smarthphone. It is perfect for running game apps and doing multi-tasking apps. Angry birds here I come. Hahaha.

Other Cool Features
Some of the major plus this phone has for me is it’s camera, 8 MP primary and 1.3 MP secondary for 2x while 5 MP primary and 2 MP secondary for the Optimus Black with Geo-tagging, face and smile detection, touch focus, and image stabilization features. It is perfect for travel and leisure times with my family and friends. Also, I can  take videos at HD so it really handy. I guess I don’t have to  buy a digital cam or a DSLR.

As a music addict, I also love the fact that it has a radio and a music player. In that way I can listen to ALL my favorite songs all day. And with a 32 GB microSD memory I don’t have to worry about running out of space for storing some more favorite mp3’s, videos, and photo. But just in case I need the space, its USB and Bluetooth technology will help me through all my file transfers.

Another thing is that it is WiFi ready (WiFi Direct, another first of it’s kind) so you can browse the internet in hotspots while doing SMS in threaded view as well as IM and checking emails.

Just writing about it and looking at its specs and reviews, I am so won over. What else can I look for; it seems that all I need is right here in LG’s latest genius phones: I can take photos, take videos, surf the net, call my family, text my friends, listen to my music, be well manage using it’s organizer, and not get lost using its digital compass. It’s an all-in-one handy genius phone that you and I will truly love. LG Optimus Black and Optimus 2x reflects  that the company has still the  competitive advancement in technology, as witnessed by both the sleek display and design of the phones, surely offering the world’s brightest screen and the world’s slimmest design in a very attractive and smart package. You’ll not just look genius with these phones, you will feel genius! *wink*

Life is GOOD with Optimus. Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit lgoptimus.ph for more information!

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  1. how much does it cost in pesos?


    • I don’t know but i think 20-30k. but in the link to the LG site, they are offering promo’s giving it for half it retail price. check it out at lgoptimus.ph 🙂


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