It’s NOT Britney, Bitch.

We all know the famous star Britney Spears. The pop icon singer that probably every one loves. With her latest album “I am Femme Fatale” wouldn’t her fans just love it? I bet I would. I mean who wouldn’t? We have all witnessed the life of Britney since that “..hit me baby one more time.’. Just thinking about it makes me reminisce  how far she had gone. And after her roller coaster controversy with her husband Kevin whom she fought custody for her sons, to shaving her head, to all that drama in her life, wouldn’t it be fit for her to release another album and get back to her career? BUT let me tell you the truth,  NOT EVERYTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS ANYMORE.

Let me tell you straightly that all those news about mind control, slave programming, illuminati is TRUE (well at least for me, i believe it). What could be more influencing to the people than the media coupled with music, right? And that’s what we see now mostly. I mean do you ever wonder why all those sikat na song ngayon ay parang puro nalang about the 2012 controversy na mg.eend na ang world? Its like if it’s not talking about the end of the world, its talking about sexuality and personal empowerment and the idea of robots and electronic stuffs or whatever they call it. Technology played a great deal of role in it, sad to say.

So anyway, the recent come back of Britney didn’t surprise me but what did surprise me is her videos (MVs). When I saw it, I was like “oh no, this is bad. Not Britney too.” Her video’s are exactly like that of Lady Gaga’s videos. Every body know that Gaga is such a weird person, coming into the spotlight in such a self expressive way. Let me shed you some light, there is something dark in Gaga, and in the music industry in the US now and it’s using the pop singers or famous singers to influence the people and to achieve there end goal. End goal that you probably didn’t know.

So back to Britney. Let me tell you one truth, She didn’t write a SINGLE SONG IN HER NEW ALBUM (Femme Fatale). Why? because she didn’t like it. She didn’t like the fact that she is being treated like a slave, every interview is submitted for edit, her shows are a disaster if you didn’t notice. If you truly are a Britney Spears fan, you would know that everything is so fake and staged that you could see straight in her eyes the sorrow, hurt, and pain and of wanting to be free. She had so much crap with the music industry controlling her that she literally doesn’t want to take credit for her new album.

If you want more info do visit for an article of how Britney had been manipulated almost all her life since she entered in the show business.

After reading that please do read this article Zombie Britney Spears is still on brink, says pals. It has some information too about how Britney is going through. Take a look at this videos too for some behind the scenes of the making of Till the World Ends and an interview with Sway. If you could just see her eyes, her smile, her face it’s so not her. Fake smile with tired eyes and such short and not so enthusiastic answers to questions. The way I see it, her face is like that of a disgusted person. Poor Britney. Give Britney a break guys.  She’s not like Lady Gaga that made a pack with the dark side and literally enjoys the attention so much. Britney’s not and it breaks my heart to see her this way and with the new music videos for Hold It Against Me and Till the World Ends that I’m not so happy to watch.

 A picture in her mv. Tired eyes.

All  I can say is, it’s not the Britney anymore. The Britney we all so love has probably been brain washed or mind controlled. All I want to say is be careful and be vigilant for the things you see in the music industry today. The signs are in plain sight for us too see that things have changed. I know some of you might still not believe this but open your eyes. It’s such a shame and I do admit that even ako napapagalaw sa music/songs nila. It’s one thing to listen to the audio of the songs and it’s a whole lot different to watch their music videos especially if the videos takes the lyrics of the song to a much deeper meaning or the video has no connection to the song.

I HATE the Hold It Against Me Music Video. Where were those “Oops! I did it again”, “Sometime I run..Sometimes I hide”, “Anticipating” times where we can witness our Britney Spears who loves the stage, loves performing, loves to write her songs, and loves to DANCE. Now in her videos (in her latest album) you can notice her dancing just falls off. It’s like dance here, dance there and no passion. I hate what they’re doing to her.

So I hope you got my point. For more news and updates on the illuminati topic and its connection to the music industry visit There’s a whole lot of topic there that are interesting. You can research the internet too for so many resources regarding this topic.

Thanks for reading. Don’t hesitate to comment your opinions. 🙂

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