Sit like a Queen and not like a Frog.

So what is the proper way to pee in the comfort room for both men and women? It depends, I think, especially in public.

One golden rule in restroom etiquette is Sit like a Queen not like a Frog.

I mean seriously guys it would be a lot better. Just look at the picture. Who would want to be likened to a frog? Haha.

Lets slice the saying: SIT LIKE a QUEEN and NOT like a FROG. What do we learn here? That we humans should SIT like what? A QUEEN. Yep that’s right. Just like royalty and not like a frog. Why are you a frog? If you are reading this then I am 100% sure you are not.

I know there issues regarding, “How am I suppose to sit on the toiler bowl when it’s dirty?” and all that stuff.

Well I know there are that issues that let’s you think, “Oo nga no? pano ako uupo eh marumi ang bowl?”

I have some solutions for you ladies and gentlemen.


When you are in a public cr, I am sure malinis naman yan kasi meron namang ngmemantain niyan and of course you do your part in keeping it clean too like to not sit like a frog so that your shoes or slippers won’t step on the rim and get it dirty and to flush the toilet properly. If you are hesitant to sit, you can use water or if you have alcohol to clean the rim. Also, you can use toilet paper or tissues to cover the rim before you sit. Make sense right?

This goes to men too. Sit in the boil and not stand and get the place all wet with your waste except maybe if the toilet is that special type like in the picture.

Remember: Always Flush with Water.


Even at home you should sit in the toilet bowl. I’m sure it’s a lot cleaner than public cr’s, right? If not, then you probably have issues. After that, you can wash yourself with soap and water and clean your hands with alcohol. How’s that sound? You don’t have to step on the bowl, you’ll get it dirty and maybe break it.

So you see you have to be all cautious about it and don’t be delirious, with the proper understanding and technique you don’t have to burden yourself when taking a pee or poo in the public or private.

Don’t forget to:

  1. Flush with water.
  2. Always bring alcohol and tissue.
  3. Sit like a queen, not like a frog.

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