Dinuguan – a bloody treat

The secret is Blood.

I thought about writing about dinuguan since just recently I came to a great       revelation that dinuguan is literally cooked from the blood of an animal, usually pig. I was so shocked in the thought of it that when ever I would encounter such viand I would hesitate to eat.

Of all those years I though that the named was just coined for the fact that the appearance of the viand is some what like blood (dugo is the term for blood in the Philippines). My innocence got the better of me. hahaha. It’s like omg, what age am I from that I didn’t know? There is the internet you know Irene. But did itstop me from eating the food? I’m not quite sure if I can answer that now. hahaha!

I tried to search the internet for some background of the birth of dinuguan but my efforts wasn’t successful. And so now I wonder how did the dinuguan started and who created such delicacy that has become a  favorite of so  many Filipinos.

Basically it is “..a savory stew of blood and meat simmered in a spicy gravy of pig blood, garlic, chili’s and vinegar..” according to wikipilipinas.  For more info on the ingredients and how to cook it,  you can visit wikipedia, wikipilipinas, or wikia.

But hey I am not discouraging any one not to eat this, masarap naman and as what they say “depende sa nagluto.” One tip I can share is that eat dinuguan when you know who cooked it whether in a family occasion or eating it in a restaurant. You never know. Magugulat ka nalang na taong aswang pala ang ngluto nian, at dugo ng tao ang kinain. (Now why did i mention that?) hahaha.


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  1. Akala ko noon sabi2x lang na masarap ang dinuguan pag may puto. Masarap pala talaga. Haha! 😀


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