My cherished friend

I know I should have wrote about my best friend a long time ago but I guess I never had the time. Sorry anee. But today I got my hands free so here it is. ­čśŤ

Who would have though that I simple, “Baptist ka?” question one day at the IIT gymnasium would start a story of friendship between two opposite and different individuals. I always had that notion among women who always wear skirts or “palda’s” as having a baptist religion, I know because I have a close friend and a classmate (Eliezah) plus another classmate (Mabelle) who is of the same faith. But to think of discovering one, a very tall and big girl, in the gymnasium of IIT one day after our basketball practice was so out of the picture.

Basketball had been a tool for us cause we both love and play the sport. And I hope you can still play despite your ankle. Me? graduate naman ko but I hope I can still play even if ngtrabaho na ko. I love basketball and I love you friend.

There had been lots up and downs along the way, I know, but  the laughters and tears will all be cherished my friend. Those arguments and silly conversations we had are priceless to me, really. Thank you so much Ganda for being such a wonderful friend to me, for your love and care, encouragements, and even your shouts and yells. You are one hell of a person. hahaha!

The most beautiful discovery best friends can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart

As fast as we became friends, we also come to notice how much faster we can lose each other, how much more friends you become friends┬áwith, even the ones you never think you will. Remember the good times we both had together because time and reality is┬ámoving fast and the reality is that some of us will never see each other again and some will. But even though things change, we’ll both remember the times we had together. I hope we could friends ’till the end. I miss you.

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