3 Things that I always bring

When I go out to school to the mall or anywhere for that matter for laag I usually bring with me just a handful of things so that I don’t burden myself with bring so many.

So here are few things that I usually bring:

1. Money

Money or some coins is a necessity to bring. 50 pesos maybe enough to bring to go to school or even go to the mall. I only pay for my fare. A total of 12 peso fare going to the city and back so that gives me 38 pesos for some snacks and candy along the way. hahaha.

Tidbit 1:Β If you want to save money, try Β to bring just enough money when you plan to go out so that you wont spend to many on things you don’t need.

For me I can save almost 200 every week from my allowance. Hows that for a challenge. πŸ™‚

Tidbit 2: Try to eat just 3 times a day, thats breakfast lunch and dinner with enough serving. This way not only will you save money, you can stay slim too. hahaha

2. Comb or hair brush

I always bring my suklay, hindi talaga yan dapat malimutan. I don’t know why or how but i always bring it. From time to time kasi susuklay ako sa hair ko so that I wouldn’t look like, “mahangin ba sa labas?” ahem. So anyway, I’m using a comb that’s flat, just a cheap one that you can buy in sari-sari stores enough to satisfy my hair needs. LOL.

Tip for girls: Use a big teeth comb after a bath because it is designed to aid in untangling wet hair.

3. Umbrella

Ah the umbrella. It’s a good habit to always bring your umbrella whether it’s a sunny, windy or cloudy day, especially if it’s a rainy day. Be a girl scout or boy scout, always come prepared. For me the reason why I bring my payong is that I don’t want to be burned under the sun, it acts as a protection from the direct rays of the sun. You don’t want that. Also, you don’t know when it’ll rain so better be safe than sorry my friend. πŸ™‚ Seriously, on choosing to bring or not kasi baka tinatamad ka sa pgdala, I encourage you to bring your umbrella. And if you don’t have any umbrella, buy one and make sure it good quality so that it’ll last long and can withstand strong rain and wind.


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