why I love my boarding house

I never thought that one day I will be leaving my boarding house. It has become my second house now that I have become accustomed to my daily routines of waking up, going outside to eat breakfast at JR store or Classic eatery, then going to school. Every day I get a bit exercise walking up and down the stairs to my room, which if you don’t know is in the third floor of the building and a little more exercise when I go to school which is a walking distance.

Most people would like to board in my boarding house. Occasionally, when I would be entering the gate, people would ask if there is still a vacancy in the place but to their disappointment there is none. I was lucky enough to be able to get a room in my boarding house thanks to my dear sister who found it.

I remember the time when I was an upcoming first year student and I came to Iligan in the summer for my enrolment. I was an independent girl. I didn’t have any chaperon to accompany me for my enrolment. I was on my own but I didn’t mind. I was free but that freedom did come with a downside. I had to do things on my own but like I said it didn’t bother be. I was used to being independent. Kinda like being trained to be prepared to face this cruel world. But was I prepared?

Anyway, upon writing this hindi pa naman ako aalis, but I  just wanna write it early.

What I would like to share here is how I just appreciate my boarding house and how I will be missing it when I’m gone. I will be pointing out some of the reasons why.

  1. Dalawa lang kami sa isa ka room

One of the advantages of this is that I don’t have to deal with my boardmates so much. I always isolate myself from them sometimes. I’m kind of a shy type person and my room gives me separation from them. I don’t have to worry about interruptions when I study cause no one can annoy me.  Also, my roommate is my sister so I am comfortable around her. Our room is not that big, just enough for a 2-deck bed, a square table, and a cabinet for our clothes. Not so much space for other stuffs.

2. Nililinis ang hallway at bathrooms

I don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the place because in all fairness, our landlady is super observant of the cleanliness in our boarding house. Every weekend she cleans the hallway and bathrooms in the third floor. I really like it. Malinis talaga ang palibot. Ang cr super linis. And mga sapatos naming arranged na, plus ung sink malinis din. The stairs are also cleaned as well as the first floors’. I guess ganyan talaga basta nurse, very particular with germs and sickness kaya always observe cleanliness especially at night.

3.“repair sapatos payong”

Manong repair man na sumasakay ng bike with all his repair tools is having a living on his small business of home repairs on sirang sapatos at payong. Manong repair man on some days would round the neighborhood for any customers and luckily for him I have been a constant patron of sirang payong. Pirme man gud ko magubaan ug payong. hahah! I like this approach because I don’t have to go to the city to get my stuffs repaired. Siya na mismo ang lumalapit.

4. We have a water tank

Although some other boarding house have water tanks, I heard sa kanila that if walang kuryente den wala rin silang tubig. Here in our bhaus, kapag walang kuryente, may tubig pa kami na panligo and it can last for 2 days. Hahaha. Oh diba ayos? Ang ayos pa talaga jan, sa 3rd and 2nd floor lang ang may tubig if ever walang kuryente kasi ang water tank purposely for them. So ang mga nasa 1st floor wala cla water if walang kuryente. >:) evil laugh!

5. Wireless Fidelity

Nowadays it’s important that every boarding house would have Internet connection. Students want that. They can check their FB accounts anytime :P. Here in our bhaus, bago lang ang internet namin, like in my 4th year na. Ok lang din, napuslan pud baya ang pagpataod namu sa net. Hahaha! Nakapangalan pa jud sa ako ate ang connection, unya naa pa ko utang actually kay monthly man ang amot para sa bayad sa net. Pwo cge nlng, wala nako ngbayad ug d napud ko pabay’run. OH YEAH! Leech ko na nakiki.internet. 😛


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  1. I will miss you. Even now, I already do. I love you. God bless.


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