When I forgot my purse. ouch.

Have you ever had that day when you forgot your wallet or purse and you have no money with you? What did you do?

I have this habit of being so thrifty that I wouldn’t spend a dime. I am sometimes so hooked up with wanting to saved my money. I don’t really know why, it’s like I don’t want to waste my money buying on such material things except maybe for basic necessities like food. But even in food I am a bit tipid.

So anyway one of the most bizarre experiences that I had is when I left my purse going to church today. It’s not the same as leaving it when I go to school because school is just a walking distance and I can go back to my boarding house whenever I want or when there are emergencies. This is a totally a different situation.

So it’s sunday morning and it’s Baccalaureate sunday and I am going to be late for the 9am service. It’s quarter to nine and i’m still fixing my dress. I already prepared my things (Bible, notebook, ballpen, susi sa gate) and when I was done, nauna na ako sa ate ko kasi late na ako at kakanta pa kami.

So I hurried down the stairs, I even texted my ate on the way out to bring the umbrella cause I forgot to bring it although it was a cloudy day. When I crossed the street on a no jay-walking sign (haha) I even saw a peso coin that I attempted to pick up but didn’t so because again I was running late. I was able to ride a jeepney on the second stop and not until I reached jollibee when I was looking for my purse so that I could pay the fare did I realized, “hala, nabilin jud nako ang akong pitaka. patay. wa koy maplite”.

There I was sitting, trying to think what am I supposed to do. I seriously don’t have any money or coins with me. And the person, elder woman, beside me already paid her fare. I though to myself, “OMG, this is embarrassing.”

It wasn’t the first time that happened actually, it was the second and the first time was also when I went to church on a sunday morning. So guess what I did, just like the first encounter, I got off the jeepney without paying just like that as if i zoomed out eager to avoid any objections and the driver’s exclamation.The jeepney just went on, thank goodness. It wasn’t easy but thankfully I was able to escape. It was truly an honest mistake and hopefully the old lady didn’t notice that I didn’t pay.

What I learned today:

1. Check your things before you go cause you might not know when u forgot your purse.

2. If your going to church, especially on Sunday, try to come early. Remember: Honor God by coming early.


Thank You for reading. ^_^

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