Listening to 90.7 Love Radio Live Streaming

I just want to share this experience.

It was my first time to listen to live streaming radio. It was Love Radio 90.7 manila. My friend, Ganda, shared to me a program in their station, its called TLC – True Love Conversations during 9 pm to 2 am in the morning. She said the stories of people with love issues were interesting. For me, I never intended to listen to talks like that because I think its stupid. I mean, gosh, who would listen to that?!

Anyway as Ganda insisted, we tuned in to radio station one particular night ( forgot when it was) and sure enough after several songs, Papa Jack was in. Yes, Papa Jack was the name of the DJ. Someone who kind of listens to the callers and gives advice to them on what they should do about their situation .

So there I was trying to listen. Forcing myself to care about the show/program.. *hahaha*

The first caller was a man. He talked about his affair,  how he has fallen in love with another man who already has a boyfriend and how he struggled so much with the man. I forgot much of the details about the story but the shocking part was that the man already has a girlfriend and they are four years already. And I was like “Oh come on?!”, plus Papa Jack wanted to put into the mind of the caller that he is bisexual but the caller disagreed. He said he was straight. (Oh really? then how come you have interest in the same sex?) For me I think it’s okay to have interest in the same sex in the right way like an admiration or inspiration but to go beyond that, that’s a different story. And looking at the situation of the caller I think it’s quite clear what he should do. I mean seriously dude, drop the man and move on with the your girlfriend but if it bothers you so much with the guy you have fallen even if your relationship with him was over then like what Papa Jack said, you might have same Identity Crisis. You must get straight on what you want, you can’t have both. Decide dude, decide before the situation gets worst.

In my point of view, It wasn’t a good story to listen. The whole conversation was ugly or should I say not worth the listen. Sorry about that. Hindi ko talaga nagustohan ang caller plus in denial din ata sya sa pagkatao niya. Tapos paikot2x lang ang storya ng pinaguusapan nila, napakapangit talaga.

Moving on. . .

The next caller was again a guy. It was midnight and the part of the program was called Wild Confessions. I was expecting that callers in this time of the hour would be those that had SUPER wild confessions. I mean in issues about love and relationships, I was expecting the super worst situations that they had. But to my dismay, my expectation was shoved down 6 ft below the ground.

The caller was a Nursing student. And sarcastic-ly speaking, grabeh ang ganda ng story mo pare. Grabeh talaga, yon na yung wild confessions mo!? nakakahiya ka. So the story goes like this the gf of the caller called him one night after his duty. She said she was lonely and wanted company and so he gladly responded with a yes. syempre naman girlfriend nia. So after he arrived, he helped her with her assignments. After some time the girl called it a night and motioned for them to go to sleep. So, if I’m not mistaken, they slept in the same bed. And after that they had coitus. hindi ninyo alam ano yang coitus no? 🙂 look it up over the net. And so that was that. End of story. That was the GREAT WILD confessions. not! Even Papa Jack didn’t like the caller. He even said to him not to call him anymore on air. hahaha! :p

And so with that, hindi ko talaga nagustuhan ang program that night. Parang nasayang lang ang oras ko. I waited up to 2 am but my hopes for a good and interesting story was crushed. I was so discouraged and disappointed that I swear I will not listen to TLC anymore.

I am not against the show. This is a free country and I can say what I want to say. Baka kasi my magalit sa sinulat ko nito sometime in the future. No hard feelings to anyone 🙂 There’s always that good story waiting to be told but I guess that time it’s not there for me to listen. Maybe next time when I can listen to a story worth my ear after I decided to give TLC a chance, I can right about it again here. ^_^ For those interested, you can tune in to the TLC show. You can go here


Thanks for reading guys. Feel free to like the page and comment. ^_^

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