Smart Bro vs Globe Tatoo

For those people that need the internet anytime anywhere.

For travellers, students, teachers, business people, and all types of people out their I’m sure you have heard of internet broadband. That small plug-it thingy that gives you access to the internet either prepaid or postpaid.

So the question here is which is more convenient to use? Smart Bro or Globe Tattoo

I’m not sure about facts but I write this based on experienced. I have a Globe Tatoo and Smart Bro.

First of all, I just want to share my experience using the new smartbro I borrowed from friend. She said it had 120 hr free internet, so I was kinda excited about it. It’s like 5 days of free internet at home. I don’t have to go to the internet cafe. I don’t have to load the Globe Tattoo for a 1-day unlimited internet access which cost 50 php. Now when I plugged it to my laptop, I had expected that it can access the net already, but it didn’t. So I switched to Globe Tattoo for about a day.

When the unli expired, I reverted to Smart Bro. Keeping my hopes up for a connection. I got a bit frustrated though, because I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. I loaded 10 php to it and somehow was able to connect but the signal was too low. It seemed ages for the page to load. After a few minutes, the connection died ’cause the load was consumed. Still no sign for the free internet. My blood is boiling in frustration. Stupid Smart Bro! such a waste of time and money.

My friend, the one who lend me the plug-it, tried to calm me down and offered to load it with 200 php so I can register to a 5-day unlimited internet access. So I agreed and to cut the story short, I was able to register. And guess what?  a message then came in the inbox telling me that my account has been credited with the 120 hrs free internet. So I was like, “WHAT?!?! seriouly?! of all the time? .. whew”.

Moving on. I was somehow relieved that I can access it now but another problem unfolds before me. It seems that data transmission was very low and signal is also low. Gosh. SmartBro give me a break, would you?! may pag nag-Globe Tattoo nlng ko.

And so now I have to bear with smart bro for a while. I am not sure if Globe has other unlimited offers. At least I can surf the net. It’s just a bummer though cause I can’t use the full capabilitities of the broadband .

Going back to the question of which is much better.. hmmmm.. let me see. I guess it depends. When I was at Iligan SmartBro was working fine for me. Here, it’s okay too. I can get by. ^__^ but Globe Tatoo works much better when I’m here at home in Gensan. Come to think of it, while I was writing this blog the connection was quite stable and I was using SmartBro.

Some say when you’re in remote places (sa bukid, ika nga nila) you use SmartBro. For Globe Tatoo, I’m not sure, in cities? *hahaha*

So I guess it just depends on where you are. Just a reminder, be patient with it. And before you buy one, ask informations about how it works

Have a Merry Christmas!


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  1. wow thanks for the info!


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