Corpo in Crime

Corporation in Crime.

A Corporation between 4 people.

Different yet one.

Can2x. Rizza. ditsy. Ai.  ^____________^

I can’t hardly remember how it all started. How we were able to set aside our differences and found a center point amidst the diverse culture that unfolds before us.

It was supposed to be partners in crime between just two people but it evolve to a corporation. I think it was because we all had accounting subjects back the time when the term was coined and how the 4 of us just clicked. And now even if we are not together most of the time because we do have separate lives, those specials days with them are some of the most memorable.

Today was not an exception. As always Can2x was the leader of the group. *smile* .hahaha. The first plan was just to eat at chowking because Ms. Leonar had somehow befriend a worker at Chowking tibanga and had coupons for free halo-halo or chicharap. Little did I know that there was still more up in her sleeves. *laughs*.  The spontaneousness of Can2x, really. She never runs up of ideas, that girl. *smile*.

So after we ate lunch at Chowking, we went to Rizza’s apartment for refreshments. *char, hahaha*. and while Rizza was getting ready for our Photo shoot at Gaisano, Can2x surprised us with an Hair Iron (those that straighten your hair).. and so we ironed our hairs, except Rizza for her hair was wet. Can2x’s hair took the longest to iron that Rizza fell asleep for a couple of minutes. ^___^

Now after that, we decided to take pictures on my laptop. And boy it was a hell of a picture taking! *laughs* We never laughed that hard for a long our tummy’s ached. *hahaha* the pictures we had taken were so hilarious!!! *laughs*

“A friend loves at all times.” — The Bible: Proverbs 17: 17.

We were like laughing out loud! hahaha. =)) (more pictures where that came from but I can’t post them all here :p)

So then we went off to the mall for the so called photo shoot at the studio. We had a great time, the pictures were awesome! *big smile*. I had to bounce off early though ’cause another friend of mine, Ganda, needs company.

Here’s a picture from the studio

Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief.— Swedish proverb

And so the day ended up great. We all had a good time.

I’m not the type of person that shows affection that much but I want to dedicate this to them as a token to let them know that I appreciate them and are thankful for them *xOxo*.

To the corpo, kudos to us! hehehe.. =)) until our next escapade.. hehehe..

Note: The pictures used here are all copyright. Please don’t get a copy of them without asking permission from the author. Thank you.

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  1. Ahhhh.. Can’t stop smiling while reading your post.. Again..:D
    Thanks Ai! I miss you..:) Hope to see you soon..


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